Pool Safety


The single most important safety feature for swimming pools is competent, vigilant supervision. Without it you’re placing the lives of your family and guests in the hands of equipment and gadgets. Most pool accidents occur when adults are not present. Maybe they were sidetracked (even for an instant) or perhaps they thought that their pool had enough safety equipment built in. Unfortunately we sometimes learn too late that there is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR SUPERVISION!
Children look for opportunities to spread their wings and “escape” the confines of parent’s watchful eye. They have little concept of danger and will attempt on their own what they’ve seen older siblings or parents do; like jumping in the pool or spa. All parents know this and most take steps to protect their kids from pool dangers. They teach them to swim, put up fences and alarms, repeatedly tell them to stay away from the pool area, and the list goes on. By a large measure, most of us are successful in protecting our kids from pool injuries. Only a small percentage of children who live in a house with a swimming pool are injured or drowned in it. And an even smaller number of children visiting houses with swimming pools are injured or drowned while visiting.

However, even 1 child drowning in a backyard swimming pool is too many. The reasons are all too familiar to us all. We’ve heard them a hundred times on the news. “I turned away for only a second to answer the phone…”, or “I thought the door was locked….”, or even “I thought she was asleep. She must have crawled out of her crib….”. The fact is that kids can get away from you if you’re not constantly vigilant where your pool is concerned.


Use safety devices such as alarms, gates and fences, covers, etc. as backup devices. At most, expect them to give you a few extra seconds of reaction time. Don’t expect them to save the life of your child. That’s your job.



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